EUROPE AND LANGUAGE RIGHTS: we must act in 2004!

The year 2004 will see the enlargement of the European Union, as well as European elections. However, the language problem remains unsolved, hidden under the pseudo-multilingualism which favours the three most powerful languages. Consequently, we are at risk of language hegemony, and eventually of a single language being imposed, which would have strong negative effects on the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe. It is for this reason that Esperantists, amongst others, support the use of a common (not unique) neutral lingua franca, which would permit equal respect towards all languages, and effectiveness for European democracy.

Accordingly, a Europe-wide demonstration is being organised for language democracy in Europe. The main aim of this action is to draw as much attention as possible, particularly through the media, to language issues in Europe and thus to raise public awareness of the problem... and perhaps eventually to push the politicians into action. To achieve this aim, there needs to be as many of us as possible, and from as many cultural backgrounds as possible, to have a real effect. This is an idea which originated among Esperantists, and all Esperanto clubs and associations in Europe will help to spread the word in their regions and countries.

The name of the event EUROPA BUNTO means "kaleidoscope of Europe". It hints at the celebratory aspect of this colourful demonstration about linguistic diversity.

This demonstration will draw together:

Place: Strasbourg (France), next to the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.

Date: Sunday 9th May 2004 2004 (Europe Day)

Form: free choice of languages for banners; free content for banners (respecting the declaration of human- and European-citizens' rights)

Information Service: press conference with equal representation of each language; provision of a translation service for each language represented



Prezento (presentation): general presentation of the demonstration and of the site, in many European languages (thank you in advance if you can translate this page into your language: send your translation to

Partneraj asocioj (partner associations): list of all the associations (with link to their website if possible) who have officially announced their participation in the event.

Kunveturado (car sharing): list of offers and requests for car sharing to travel to Strasbourg for the event.

Sloganoj & materialo (slogans & material): list of ideas for slogans and banners for the demonstration, and other eye-catching features.

Dissendolisto (distribution list): discussion list for demonstration organisers; its principle working language is Esperanto and you can subscribe by sending a blank message to

Kontakto (contact): contact details for posing questions to the organisers ("organizantoj") or to the secretary responsible for the event ("sekretario") or for sending your offers and suggestions (car sharing, slogans, etc.) or your translations to the webmaster ("TTT-estro").

Ligoj (links): some links to do with Europe and languages

(tradukis anglen : Tim Morley)